Here are some videos of The River of Pride Flag in parades throughout the years.

Compilation of Boston & NYC Pride celebrating Stonewall 50th Anniversary by YahYah24
WorldPride NYC June 30th 2019 Video by David Hopkins
Portland Maine June 15th 2019 Video Posted by Roger Mayo

Portland Me. 2017

The River of Pride Flag tells it story through the individuals who participate!!

Pride Parade 2017 put to original music by RexRed

You may have seen Southern Maine Pride’s River of Pride at the recent Parade (or on the news) but you haven’t seen anything until you have seen this birds-eye view.

Walk Tall!! 

 The 300 foot long River of Pride was caught on filmed carried by volunteers in Portland, Maine’s 2007 Gay Pride Parade. It was created the year before in 2006 at 125 feet long and 175 feet added in 2007 when this was taken.