The Unity Pride Flag

Welcome to The Unity Pride Flag

A project dedicated to representing our diversity community

The debut of The Unity Pride Flag during Stonewall 50 in Boston Pride 2019

The Unity Pride Flag Project

What started out as an idea shared between friends for a new inclusive flag for the parade march became a community project open to everyone. We welcome your thoughts and input as we pull together to build a new kind of inclusive Unity Pride Flag. We encourage compassionate, kind, and respectful dialogue about this project; hate speech, prejudice, and rudeness will not be tolerated. We understand many of these topics can be emotionally charged, but believe that open communication couched in love will go a long way to bridging any gaps.

Our mission is to bring awareness about the different cultures within our community and the many flags that we fly under. Though the rainbow is an umbrella of “inclusiveness”, not all feel it best represents us as individuals. Let’s create one flag that everyone can be proud to see themselves in.

This project began from ideas of creating a new flag with all the colors found throughout the many flags, to a flag based on the many symbols that appear in the different flags, to new designs. None of those made us feel like it brought us closer together. After working through several incarnations of flags and not feeling connected, we needed a new approach.

An idea was born to connect all the different 3’ by 5’ flags together like a patchwork quilt grid, creating one massive flag – a representation of our community and our pride that we can constantly keep building on. This would showcase our individuality while connecting, supporting, uniting us as a whole. This flag should encourage intersectionality and unity in our community, and bring in people who have not felt heard and included in the past.

Each of us is a unique individual who has their own flag they fly under within our community. This is what makes the base idea of The Unity Pride Flag with all it’s individual flags. They are all connected into one large flag just like we are all part of our community as a whole. We are all stronger together when we stand united.

Want to get involved?

This project will be ongoing to support our community as the need arises. I hope you’ll join us on this amazing journey.

Many Flags Coming Together

You can find a complete list of flags that make up The Unity Pride Flag by clicking here. To see images of them and a brief description check out The Unity Pride Facebook page.

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