Temple University Is The First College To Hoist Progress Pride Flag, Which Includes Representation For QPOC

We hope other colleges will follow suit.

Temple University has become the first university to display the Progress Pride flag on its campus openly, Temple Now reported, publicly taking a stand in solidarity with its LGBTQ students across all communities. 

According to the Kickstarter launched by the flag’s creator, Daniel Quasar, the Progress Pride flag takes a spin on the original pride flag by illustrating the depth of the LGBTQ community. Philadelphia was the first to add black and brown stripes to the symbol of LGBTQ pride during Pride Month in 2018. The Progress Pride flag includes 5 stripes in the shape of an arrow, ranging in colors from white, light pink and light blue, all of which represent trans individuals; black and brown, which represents communities of color; and black also serves as an homage to those who passed or who are living with AIDS.  

The fundraiser exceeded its goal of $14,000 and raised $25,082. 

Now, Temple takes pride in its stride toward inclusivity and acknowledgment. 

“It’s always good to be the institution that creates best practices as it pertains to this area,” Nu’Rodney Prada, director of student engagement for the Office of Institutional Diversity, Equity, Advocacy and Leadership, told Temple Now. “Its important as leaders within a city and an urban environment that we promote and check in with communities that are marginalized to show and demonstrate that there is support here. It’s important for us to be a role model in having difficult conversations and dialogues to support others.”

The flag stands in the university’s student center, surrounded by international flags.