Understanding Pronouns Better


With our growing need for a larger selection of pronouns, keep in mind that assuming a person’s pronoun can be a sign of disrespect when misgendering them and can create an un-inclusive environment. Using the right pronouns is an important part of respecting someone’s identity and to show respect for an individuals diversity of gender identity and promote awareness.

When in doubt ask. People want to be identified correctly so if you’re unsure politely ask “what pronouns do you use”. This is a good time for you to offer your prefered pronouns even if you think they already know.

If you make a mistake don’t worry, it happens. Apology then use the correct pronoun for them. Try not making them feel uncomfortable or the need to explain why use that pronoun.

Using the correct pronoun comes easy to some and for others pronouns that fall outside the gender binary might take time to pick up. Being taught as a young person that you only have he/him and she/her to use can be challenging to add they/them, ze/hir and ze/zir to a vocabulary. With gender being more fluid having a better understanding of pronouns will help you and those around you.

Only a few pronouns have been referenced here, you can find more by doing a search for Gender Pronouns