A Picture Worth 450 Feet

A Longer The River of Pride

In the coming days leading up to June also known as Pride month for some, The River of Pride Flag will gain 450 feet to its overall expanse. The flags overall length will go from 900 feet long to 1/4 of a mile.

This undertaking is in response to the additional venues asking for the flag to take part in their celebration. The addition will come in the form of three new sections being connected by zippers added to the 5 previous. As in past years individual sections can be seen at different venues supporting the community.

2008 was the last time The River of Pride had seen an increased. At the time 600 feet was added bringing the flag to 900 feet.

Be Seen, Be Heard & Be Proud!!

The History And Meaning Of The Rainbow Pride Flag

The River of Pride Flag gilbert baker

Stroll across any number of cities throughout June, and you’ll find the near-ubiquitous presence of the rainbow pride flag, which has come to represent the LGBTQ community worldwide. This year alone, the iconic, six-stripe pattern has been seen in children’s books, at theme parks and on a seemingly endless series of clothing lines; a revamped version of the design was worn by “Master of None” writer and star Lena Waithe as a “queer superhero” cape at the Met Gala last month in New York.

The original rainbow pride flag dates back to 1978, when it was created by San Francisco-based queer artist Gilbert Baker for a mere $1,000. A self-described “geeky kid from Kansas,” Baker relocated to San Francisco as an Army draftee in 1970. After an honorable discharge from the military, he decided to remain in the City by the Bay to pursue a design career.

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WorldPride NYC Invites The River of Pride and The Unity Pride Flags to Stonewall 50th

The River of Pride Flag

Featured image by Justin Childs

The Friends of The River of Pride and The Unity Flags are very excited to share that the much-loved River of Pride Flag and the not-yet unfurled Unity Flag are going to NYC Pride March to welcome WorldPride to the United States on Sunday, June 30, 2019. And, we bring the flags as symbols to remember and celebrate a half-century of LGBTQQIP2SAA+ liberation and the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall riots.

The River of Pride Flag
Marching with The River of Pride Flag in Maine

The flags stand for inclusivity, compassion, respect, love, freedom for everyone to be who they are — and to fight for the rights of all people to be themselves.

The River of Pride flag is a 900’ long rainbow flag. It was born of struggle, love, and the desire to unite the LGBTQQIP2SAA+ community. It began as a 125’ flag in 2006, then in 2007, a 175’ panel was added and finally in 2008, three 200’ sections were added. It was a labor of love, with the five panels connected with 22’ long commercial zippers. The goal of the flag is celebrate together and support one another.

Earlier this year (2018), The Unity Pride Flag idea was created to embrace and

The Unity Pride Flag
The Unity Pride Flag with the many flags making up the large panel flag one image.

recognize the unique expressions of LGBTQQIP2SAA+ self-identity while being a push to a more inclusive future. It is a patchwork quilt, with nearly 300 3’ x 5’ flags, that display our individuality while connecting and supporting us as a whole. Our goal for the flag to encourage intersectionality and unity in our community and, especially, to bring people who have not felt heard or included in the past. 

You may be asking; what can I do? Great question! Consider joining us at New York City to carry one of the flags. We will need hundreds of volunteers. Please register here – it’s easy and, of course, be available, June 30, 2019! 

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Connect with us at info@theriverofpride.com

Meaning of the 8 Colors

The River of Pride Flag

The original pride flag Gilbert Baker created had eight colors each with their own meanings. Pink – sexuality, Red – Life, Orange – healing, Yellow – sun, Green – nature, Turquoise – art & magic, Blue – harmony & serenity, and Purple – spirit.
Pink was removed because finding an adequate source was not possible for this color in that time. Turquoise was removed after Harvey Milk’s assassination. During the parade the colors were separated with three to each side of the street.

A colorful Inspiration

The River of Pride A Colorful Inspiration

Did you know how the creator of the Gay Pride Rainbow Flag come up with the idea? Harvey Milk, an openly gay elected politicians challenge Gilbert Baker who worked making clothing. Some say because he was from Kansas, his inspiration came from “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” in “The Wizard of Oz” according to Queer Sites: Gay Urban Histories Since 1600