More Then Just A Flag

The River of Pride was an inspired idea by one, believed in by a community. It was a labor of love of friends showing their pride, support and encouragement for those around them.

When you see The River of Pride, you’ll find hundreds of people Being Seen, Being Heard & Being Proud!! Just what you’d expect to find when a larger then life rainbow flag passes by.

You won’t find any company logos, support by or affiliate sponsors, not even who owns it. The River of Pride is about more than that. It came to life in hopes of showing support for everyone regardless of our differences.

You no longer have to watch from the sidelines wishing you where a part of just one of the many groups passing by. The flag was created for you and over the years grow to accommodate more and more people just like you.

In its presence, your excitement builds, you start looking for an opening, before you know it, you’re a part of the event and marching with the flag. You’re now being seen, being heard and able to share your pride.

The flag was made for you, to have this very liberating experience. So you could be a part of your own personal pride celebration.