Is The River of Pride or The Unity Flag a Nonprofit?

No they are not, both flags are privately owned and funded by that individual

Can I donate money to the flag?

Monetary donations are not accepted for either flags. The best way to donate is by marching with the flag at a public event. You can also volunteer your time or donate to an LGBTQQIP2SAA+

How do I find the events listing of public appearances?

Please check the Events Tab to see the upcoming locations. This will be updated once they have been finalized

What are the flags made of?

The River of Pride Flag is made of a thin lightweight silk fabric . The Unity Flag is made from standard flag material from hundreds of individual flags

What are the sizes of the flags?

The River of Pride Flag is currently 900 feet long and 22 feet wide. The Unity flag is 200 feet long and 20 feet wide at this time

How can I help with the flags or events?

The flags are often in need of repair after each event they are seen in. If you’d like to help in the repair process please email info@theriverofpride.com to offer your assistance.

How can I get the flag to our event?

Please have the contact person for the event email info@theriverofpride.com to discuss opportunities.

Are the flags used for non-parade events?

Yes, sections of The River of Pride Flag have been lent out freely to several events over the years to help them out. From a church to community groups and nonprofits at no cost as no money has ever been taken in for the flag.

When did the flag start?

The first of the five sections of The River of Pride Flag was created in 2006. It was 125′ long. The next year 175′ was added and in 2008 it grew to 600′ to a total of 900′

The Unity Flag was created in 2018 with 282 individual flags sewn together making one large flag panel.

Why was The River of Pride created?

The sole purpose for the creation of The River of Pride Flag was and is for inclusivity for everyone and freedom to be themselves. It’s a symbol of pride and was created to unite those who are a part of our community. Be Seen – Be Heard & Be Proud!!

What do the 6 colors stand for?

Gilbert Baker’s meanings are Red is for Life,  Orange is for Healing,  Yellow is for Sunshine,  Green is for Nature,  Blue is for Serenity and Purple is for Spirit.

What do the solid color flags mean in The Unity Flag?

The solid color flags were picked to embody a few different meanings. The first, each of them is holding space for any flags that haven’t been added yet. The second, after looking over all the flags collected each solid color flag was picked to best represent a sexuality in the form of one solid color.

Where did each flag for The Unity Flag come from?

The first round of 119 flags when starting this project were purchased as individual flags throughout the world. The other 180 flags were just digital images that hadn’t been made tangible yet. Permission was acquired from the creators or custodians to use them in this and they were then formatted in to stangered flag dimanchines and printed. More will be added the The Unity Flag Project as needed.

What do the two large flags mean?

The creator of The Unity Flag wanted an image, a singular symbol that best represented the project as a whole. After many ideas and designs the individual Unity Flag was created. The white background is because white is of all color and stands for everyone no matter who you are or what your background is. The lemniscate often called an infinity symbol represents that energy cannot be created or destroyed only transmuted into something different. We’re all the same each one of us at our core, we’re all energy. The colors were added to hold space for the many facets of our community. You’ll find the 8 original rainbow colors of Gilbert Baker’s flag pink, red, orange, yellow, green, turquoise, blue and purple, the Philadelphia pride flag with brown and black. When combing all the colors you can make up all the individual flags that make The Unity Flag Project as a whole. The gray side of the lemniscate is for those who fall outside the tradition meanings of the rainbow.

Where do I find the list the flags in The Unity Flag?

You can find an updated list of the individual flags by clicking on this link. If you’d like to know the meanings of each flag you can find them attached to the flag images at The Unity Flag Facebook page under the Photos tab. Just click on a flag and you will find a brief description.