40 Years Later

April 24th, 1980 – April 24th, 2020

Should the world not have turned, we would have come together today to recognize Ken Horne, and that today marks 40 years of progression against the stigma and health risks of HIV/AIDS.

April 24, 1980 San Francisco resident Ken Horne is reported to the Center for Disease Control with Kaposi’s sarcoma (KS). Later in 1981, the CDC would retroactively identify him as the first patient of the AIDS epidemic in the US.

As has been said in the first months of Coronavirus quarantines and public panic, for many This is Not Our First Pandemic. Rest assured, we will in the near future come together with all of you, both to mark this occassion and continue to raise funds for the amazing work Frannie Peabody does. Until then, stay healthy, and stay strong. We need not be under the same roof to remain together. — with Ren Morrill.